Alcohol De-addiction Treatment Process

The Medication Dependence Treatment Centre, AIIMS was established At the calendar year 1988 and has been operational contrary to the premises of this DeenDayal Upadhyay Hospital, New Delhi. Back in 2003, it was updated while the countrywide Centre (National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre), and it is operational from its premises in Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR since April 2003.

The National Drug Treatment Centre, Ghaziabad (NDDTC), AIIMS Has been established because of the apex center for the cure of both drugs and chemical misuse disorders while in the nation. It provides a state of art model for de‚Äźaddiction treatments. alcohol rehab This center has a complete scope of facilities & specialists. The NDDTC is situated on the 10-acre beautiful campus near CGO complicated at Ghaziabad, Delhi-NCR. It currently has fifty bedded treatment centers with a growth policy to the future.

The center has nicely qualified multi-disciplinary college and Staff (medical health practitioners, pre-clinical scientists, scientists, researchers personnel, nursing personnel, lab employees, and administrative workers ) to leave several modalities of attention. Medical attention is offered through outpatient, inpatient settings, and community clinics. Help can be found for the treatment of disorders regarding the use of all the materials, i.e., liquor, Opioids, Cannabis, Tobacco, etc. and behavioral addictions. Treatment modalities comprise both pharmacological (i.e., with medications) along with non-pharmacological (i.e., psychological/societal) remedies ) Both clinically helped and drug-free treatment-related to medication usage, and long-term naturopathic drugs (Buprenorphine/Methadone/Naltrexone maintenance remedy ) are provided. The center takes out the appropriate hematological, biochemical laboratory evaluations to monitor health harm. Even more, many prescription drugs of misuse have been screened at the same time by way of an analysis of these individuals’ urine sample.

The heart has been involved in:

Assessing the size of the addiction problem in the country

Giving clinical care to Individuals — outpatient, inpatient And community-based -throughout everyday OPD, specialty clinics, ward, and neighborhood clinics from urban-slums of Delhi.

Health education & avoidance of addictive disorders in the nation

Capacity building & individual resource growth — for example training of many kinds of personnel

Documentation, a novel of resource material and creation Of database

Establishment and development of laboratory services to Detect drugs of abuse in human body fluids along with overall health



The center Delivers clinical care for about 4000 new sufferers And about 35000 older patients each yr. Also, it offers clinical supervision to approximately 33000 patients within its area practice. Moreover, annually, about 600 patients are now seen in Tobacco use cessation clinic, roughly 40 individuals at a teenage clinic, and about 300 patients in dual diagnosis seminar.

The years 1999-2012 Observed much expansion and many accomplishments For the heart. The facility is promoting curricula, teaching programs, ministry and source supplies for its training of coaches, medical Physicians (GMOs), nurses, and laboratory employees. Between January 1989 and October 2007, roughly 40 courses for medical practitioners have been coordinated. Several manuals for doctors are readily available. The training programs have been analyzed and changed through workshops of resource persons.

Besides medical attention, NDDTC has also been involved in a multitude of other places. From its beginning, NDDTC has played with a Leadership part inside the country and contains worked on the development of varied Replicable models of maintenance, instruction of postsecondary psychiatry pupils and Caregivers, development of reference materials, coverage and research Preparing.

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