San Francisco Catering

Providing food in the remote sites or in the public areas such as the hotels, restaurants, pubs in the streets of San Francisco has become an artisanal affair in the art of catering. San Francisco Catering company ensures they provide the right quality of food and varieties of dishes for various events and functions and keep up the art of catering

Locally independent and certified SF HRC, the Catering San Francisco serves you proudly in the Bay Area. And here you get to taste the vibrant richness of cuisine of various places such as the Latino, Spanish, and Iberian. Hence, you can boldly say “Divided by cultures, United by Cuisine’s”. Guests are offered an unique array of authentic, fresh, delicious, and healthy fare for picnics, corporate catering, special events, company retreats, birthday, anniversaries, social functions, and more. San Francisco Catering cater a diverse, popular dishes, including; Local seasonal cuisine, outdoor grilling, salad box lunch, taco bar, Latin grill. From breakfast, luncheons, noon snacks to evening hors d’oeuvre, dinner sunset tapas all are provided here. The pleasure here is to exceed the customer’s expectation.


Sample Menus:

The best part of any cuisine is the varieties in them. The menus below are some selected samples provided by best caterers.


  • Morning Meeting:
  1. ” International” (Deluxe Breakfast)
  2. ” Tropical” (Special Continental)
  3. Executive Breakfast
  4. Bagel Continental
  5. Pastries, breads, cereal, fruit, and beverage


  • Lunch:
  1. Salad Box
  2. Sandwich Box
  3. Slice and Caesar Box
  4. Desserts


  • Tapas:
  1. Sweets and Desserts
  2. Main Savories – Vegetarian, Seafood, Assorted, Meat, Poultry


  • Dinner:
  1. “Favorite”
  2. “Contento”
  3. Soups and stews (starters)
  4. Salads (Vegeterian, Chicken, Seafood, Beef)