Green cars put to the test: Hyundai Ioniq v Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is a legend during the United States–well known for its exemplary fuel market, quality features, and its trademark appearance. Here we’ll compare the 2018 Prius 2 sheds the ioniq hybrid vs prius SE-L, researching the emphasized features of every one of these particular vehicles.

Known as among the very Prosperous hybrid automobiles at the It currently brings hybrid access around the world to future-oriented drivers. In the latest decades, other automobile businesses have released hybrids very similar for the Prius. One recognizable combination that falls into this category could be that the Hyundai Ioniq that is very similarly-priced into this Toyota Prius. When considering both of these cars, lots of questions of contrast spring into mind. How reliable are those hybrids when comparing to another? Which vehicle has improved fuel economy, also can exactly the market come at a high price in performance? The Prius sticks apart as with two years of hybrid drive train technology supporting it. To receive the whole picture of this 2018 Toyota Prius Two vs. the 2018 Hyundai Ioniq SE-L, we will need to examine some essential features of every car or truck.


Using its ToyotaCare 3 9 No-cost care program as a Standard attribute, the 2018 Prius 2 has a definite advantage within the 2018 Ioniq SE-L as it involves maintenance. ToyotaCare comprises 24hour roadside assistance 40 for three decades contained and also a non-refundable maintenance program with the purchase or rental of every new Toyota for either a couple of decades or 25,000 miles. Hyundai’s most excellent deal is a pre-paid scheduled care plan for an extra price.

When you look in the cost and value of Contemporary hybrid vehicle Vehicles, the advantages are lots of — especially once you believe savings on petrol. Both Prius Two and also the Ioniq SE-L provide aggressive pricing:

The foundation version 2018 Prius Two includes a starting MSRP of $24,685. Inch

The foundation version 2018 Ioniq Hybrid SE-L includes a starting MSRP of $24,200.

Both hybrid automobiles Consist of many technology Features like an Eco-driving track and incorporated backup camera.

Hyundai does provide updates at an Extra price into the Ioniq as 4-7.

Adding this Tech Package into the Hyundai Ioniq SE-L prices an Extra $1000. This means That the 2018 Hyundai Ioniq SE-L with two of those Four TSS-P comparable features includes a higher MSRP ($25,200) compared to beginning Inch

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