Uncomplicated Breeding of Either Trigona Honey or Even trigona bee

Simple reproduction of trigona honey by simply collecting Colonies in parts of bamboo, coconut shell or perhaps a slice of wood beam as a nest, trigona bee colony could last and could always be chosen at any time. Compared to raising trigona honey melifera or cerana, trigona honey maybe not just takes the queen therefore that the colonies can easily be divided and left a lot. As the lack of queens from trigona could be replaced by most men who are able to play the use of Queen too and create sterile eggs, and the infertile eggs could turn into the new Queen for their own colony. Similar to farming, breeding trigona like fun as planting trees which could be grafted and cultivated always. In terms of bee foods, trigona honey bees spelled parasitic species out that are simple to find food items.

And Apis Cerana, trigona bees consume all kinds of flowers and vegetation. Even based on a single researcher Trigona Lombokwww. Mas Edy Echot, they to take in the flowers that grow in the grass. It’s quite easy keep trigona, you don’t have to locate land therefore many feed offered, given you’ll find plants, so not to mention the garden blossoms at home enough as food. Lebah Kelulut (Meliponini) and Trigona are parasitic species which do not sting, making the insect better to take care of compared to many other honeybees. Kelulut honey has benefits. Simply because Kelulut bees are more than Apis Dorsata bees they are able to take up blossom buds from your most peculiar areas of their blossom. Like a consequence Kelulut honey consists of lots of vitamins and minerals.

Kelulut species often produce their Nests in hollow tree stumps or tree branches. Among the Main substances Made by trigona honey is Propolis. Propolis is produced by bees through saliva mixing together with food Substances such as pollen, bark, shoots of bushes and blossoms. Young bees also Cocoons of all Kelulut have become painful and sensitive for viruses, viruses, fungi and insect infestation. To Verify the nest is maintained tidy, sterile and under controlled conditions, Propolis produced by Kelulut bees is functioning as Anti Fungal, Anti-Viral and Antibacterial agent. Propolis has numerous health benefits, including 16 Amino Acids, Glucose, Natural Vitamins A, B, C, vitamin D and E, Bio-flavonoids and Minerals. Bioflavonoids Result in the smooth running of their human body’s mend Programs.

Uncomplicated Breeding of Either Trigona Honey or Even trigona bee:

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